Virtual Office Assistant

Administrative and multilingual support

Customized secretary service

Where do we start?

First, you can simply phone me, or write me, and let me know which are your requirements. I’ll send you a no-obligation quote.
Then we can also meet face-to-face, so that you’ll know a bit more about me and we will discuss about how we can work together.
We can find the best solution tailored to your needs, and I’ll start to collect the information to carry out the tasks requested.
Once you accept my quote, I’ll send you a collaboration agreement with Privacy policy included.

How much does it cost?

The quote I’ll send you is customized, tailored to meet your exact needs.
In case of long term cooperations, I can grant you special discounts.
I’ll issue regularly invoices. For amounts over € 100,00, an advanced payment of 30% is required.
My invoices are totally deductibles from income tax.

Why should you work with me?

1. FLEXIBILITY Working virtually means you will not incur office costs for a new member of staff. Employing a virtual assistant costs less than hiring a full time employee and there are no recruitment fees. You will only pay for the hours that you actually require, when you require them.
2. EXPERTISE AND SERIOUSNESS I worked for over 10 years as account and commercial assistant. I always work with dedication, in order to offer you the best service. My professional success depends on my customers’ satisfaction.

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